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Disc Golf Distance Drivers

Unique Discs for Unique Disc Golfers

Disc Golf Distance Drivers

The Disc Golf Fly Mart’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to find the coolest plastic for our store. We buy out collections, over stock and manufacturer direct. We find the coolest color combos and hard to find collectables. Our motto says it all: “ Unique Discs for Unique Disc Golfers”

Disc golf distance drivers are a type of disc golf disc designed specifically for achieving maximum distance when thrown. In disc golf, players use different types of discs for various shots, and distance drivers are tailored for long-distance throws. Here are some key characteristics that define distance drivers:

  1. Speed:

    • Distance drivers typically have a higher speed rating compared to other types of discs. Speed is denoted by a number on the disc (e.g., 10, 12, 14), indicating the disc’s aerodynamic design and the speed required for optimal performance.
  2. Glide:

    • These discs often have a higher glide rating, which helps them stay in the air longer. A higher glide allows the disc to cover more distance with less effort from the player.
  3. Turn and Fade:

    • Distance drivers have turn and fade ratings that influence their flight characteristics. Turn refers to the disc’s tendency to turn to the right during the initial part of its flight (for right-handed backhand throws), while fade is the tendency to finish to the left at the end of the flight.
  4. Rim Width:

    • The rim of a distance driver is wider than that of midrange or putter discs. A wider rim allows for a better grip during a powerful throw and contributes to the disc’s aerodynamics.
  5. Flight Path:

    • Distance drivers are designed to cover a long, straight flight path or exhibit a combination of turn and fade for specific shot shapes. Players often use them when they need to cover a significant distance off the tee.
  6. Plastic Types:

    • Distance drivers are available in various plastic blends, each with its unique characteristics. Some plastics offer better grip, while others provide more durability. Common plastics include Champion, Star, Pro, and GStar, among others.
    • Disc Golf Distance Drivers

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Disc Golf Distance Drivers