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Garrett Gurthie

The Disc Golf Fly Mart’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to find the coolest plastic for our store. We buy out collections, over stock and manufacturer direct. We find the sickest color combos and hard to find collectables. Our motto says it all:

“ Unique Discs for Unique Disc Golfers”

Signature & Tour Series discs are sold in part to support the traveling tournament players. Although in recent years some players have received appropriately high end salaries the majority of touring pros are still on a budget traveling from tour stop to tour stop. 

Garrett Gurthie Golf Discs

Garrett Gurthie was born a raised in Jacksonville Florida. His was a disc golf family and he made the papers as a disc golf phenom when he was 14 which is about when I first met him and saw him play. Sadly he was throwing his Aviar farther than I was throwing my Teebird…lol.

Calvin the Destroyer

Double G throws far. Very far. He’s won the distance championship 4 times and I’ve seen him chuck it over 600 feet and I didn’t realize at that distance it’s hard to see the disc land.

Garrett Gurthie Golf Discs