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Discraft Buzzz

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Discraft BUZZZ Mid Range

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Discraft BUZZZ Mid Range –

  1. Type:  The Buzzz is a midrange disc, designed for mid-range shots, approach shots, and controlled drives. Midrange discs are typically used for distances shorter than drivers but longer than putters.

  2. Speed: The Buzzz has a moderate speed rating, often around 5, indicating that it is designed for controlled and accurate throws.

  3. Glide: The Buzzz has a moderate amount of glide, providing a balance between staying in the air for distance and maintaining control.

  4. Turn and Fade: The Buzzz is known for its neutral flight with minimal turn and fade. Its flight path is generally straight, making it a reliable disc for various shot shapes. The turn and fade ratings are typically close to 0.

  5. Plastic Types: Discraft produces the Buzzz in various plastic blends, including Elite Z, ESP, Titanium, and others. Each type of plastic offers different characteristics such as grip, durability, and feel.

  6. Intended Use: The Buzzz is a versatile disc suitable for players of all skill levels. It excels in a variety of situations, including straight-line shots, hyzer shots, anhyzer shots, and controlled approaches. Many players use the Buzzz as a go-to midrange disc in their bag.

  7. Signature Versions: Discraft often releases special or signature editions of the Buzzz, featuring unique stamp designs or plastic blends. These editions may have specific characteristics that distinguish them from the standard Buzzz.

  8. Buzzz OS and Buzzz SS: In addition to the standard Buzzz, Discraft offers variations like the Buzzz OS (Overstable) and Buzzz SS (Super Straight) to cater to players who prefer discs with different flight characteristics.

Discraft BUZZZ Mid Range