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Discraft Banger GT

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Discraft Banger Disc Golf

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Discraft Banger Disc Golf

  1. Type: The Banger GT is a putter, specifically designed for short-range throws and putting into the basket.

  2. Speed: Putters typically have lower speed ratings, and the Banger GT is no exception. It generally has a speed rating around 2 or 3, which makes it suitable for controlled, low-speed shots.

  3. Glide: Putters often have a substantial amount of glide to help maintain stability and control on shorter throws. The Banger GT is known for having a reliable glide.

  4. Turn and Fade: Putters typically have a neutral flight path with minimal turn and fade. The Banger GT is designed to fly straight with minimal deviation from its initial release angle.

  5. Thumb Track: The thumb track on the top of the disc is a distinctive feature of the Banger GT. It provides a reference point for the thumb, giving players who prefer a thumb-on-top grip added control and consistency in their putting.

  6. Plastic Types: Discraft offers the Banger GT in various plastic blends, including the popular Elite Z plastic. Different plastics provide different levels of durability, grip, and feel.

  7. Intended Use: The Banger GT is primarily used for putting and short approach shots. The thumb track design caters to players who appreciate the additional control it offers, especially during putting.

See Discrafts plastic guide HERE: