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Mini Disc Golf Markers

Mini Disc Golf Marker

The Disc Golf Fly Mart’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to find the coolest plastic for our store. We buy out collections, over stock and manufacturer direct and we find the coolest color combos and hard to find collectables. Our motto says it all: “ Unique Discs for Unique Disc Golfers.”

Mini Disc Golf Marker

In disc golf, a mini disc golf marker, often referred to simply as a “mini,” is a small disc used to mark a player’s lie. It’s typically used when a player’s disc is in a position that obstructs the putting line of another player. The mini is placed directly in front of the disc, and the player lifts their disc to putt.

Minis are usually smaller and lighter than regular golf discs, and they come in various materials, including plastic and metal. They are not designed for throwing like regular discs but are specifically used as markers to indicate the lie. Many players personalize their minis with custom designs or markings.

Using a mini is a common courtesy in disc golf, and it helps maintain a fair and respectful pace of play, especially in tournament settings where precision and adherence to rules are essential.

It’s important to note that the specific rules regarding the use of minis may vary, so players should familiarize themselves with the rules of the tournament or course they are playing on. The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) rules provide guidelines for the use of minis in competitive play.

Mini Disc Golf Marker