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Discraft Avenger

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Discraft Avenger For Sale

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 Our mission is to find the coolest plastic for our store. We buy out collections, over stock and manufacturer direct. We find the coolest color combos and hard to find collectables. Our motto says it all: “ Unique Discs for Unique Disc Golfers” Discraft Avenger For Sale

Avenger – Speed: The Avenger is classified as a high-speed driver, typically with a speed rating around 9 or 10. This indicates that it’s designed to be thrown at higher velocities to achieve maximum distance.

  1. Glide: It usually has a moderate amount of glide, providing a good balance between staying in the air for distance and maintaining control.

  2. Turn: The Avenger tends to have a slight turn or neutral flight, meaning it doesn’t immediately veer to the left or right upon release. This quality allows players to control the angle and shape of their shots.

  3. Fade: With a moderate fade, the Avenger finishes its flight with a predictable leftward movement (for right-handed backhand throws). This fade contributes to the disc’s overall stability and helps control the landing.

  4. Plastic Types: Discraft offers the Avenger in various plastic blends, such as Elite Z, ESP, and others. Each plastic type has different characteristics, providing options for players based on preferences for grip, durability, and feel.

  5. Discraft Avenger For Sale

  6. Intended Use: The Avenger is commonly used for long-distance drives. It’s suitable for players with a variety of skill levels, but its higher speed may make it more appealing to intermediate to advanced players who can generate the necessary throwing power.

Discraft Avenger For Sale