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Innova Boss

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Innova Champion Discs BOSS

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Innova Champion Discs BOSS –

  1. Speed: The Innova Boss is classified as a high-speed driver with a typical speed rating of 13. This indicates that it is designed to be thrown at high velocities to maximize distance.

  2. Glide: The Boss is known for having a moderate to high amount of glide. This characteristic helps the disc stay in the air for an extended period, allowing players to achieve longer throws.

  3. Turn and Fade: The Boss often has a relatively high turn rating (indicating some rightward movement for right-handed backhand throws) and a consistent fade at the end of its flight. The turn and fade ratings are usually close to 0 and 3, respectively.

  4. Plastic Types: Innova produces the Boss in various plastic blends, including Champion, Star, GStar, and others. Each plastic type has different characteristics, such as grip, durability, and feel.

  5. Intended Use: The Boss is primarily used as a distance driver and is suitable for players with intermediate to advanced skill levels. It is favored by those who can generate high throwing speeds and are looking for a disc that can cover a long distance.

  6. Versatility: While the Boss is commonly used for backhand drives, some players also use it for forehand (sidearm) throws. Its versatility makes it a go-to disc for players looking to maximize their distance on the course.

Innova Champion Discs BOSS