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Disc Golf Putters

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Disc Golf Putters

Disc golf putters are a specific type of disc used in the sport of disc golf for short-distance throws, primarily designed for putting into the target basket. These discs are engineered to provide maximum control, accuracy, and a consistent flight pattern. Here are some key characteristics that define disc golf putters:

  1. Speed:

    • Putters have the lowest speed rating among all disc types. The speed is denoted by a number on the disc (e.g., 1, 2), indicating that putters require less speed for optimal performance.
  2. Glide:

    • Putters generally have a low glide rating, meaning they stay closer to the ground during flight and this low glide helps in maintaining accuracy for short-distance putts.
  3. Turn and Fade:

    • The turn and fade ratings for putters are usually minimal. They are designed to fly straight with minimal deviation from the intended line. Turn refers to the disc’s tendency to turn to the right during the initial part of its flight (for right-handed backhand throws), while fade is the tendency to finish to the left at the end of the flight.

Disc Golf Putters

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