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PX-3 2024 Aiden Scott 300 Fractal 173 #118


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This is the Brand New Prodigy 2024 Aiden Scott 300 Fractal PX-3 173 grams in unthrown condition. You get the disc in the picture.

Disc-Swirly Blues/ Red — Stamp-Gold. Black

Flight Numbers: Speed 3,  Glide 3.  Turn 0,  Fade 2

Prodigy says: The PX-3 is an overstable, beaded putter that will help players throw accurate, consistent shots. It resists turning over at high speeds and glides forward before a predictable overstable finish kicks in at the end of its flight. The PX-3 has a larger bead than the PA-3 and is useful for both throwing and putting. Deliver a message on the course with Aidan Scott’s 2024 Signature Series PX-3 in 300 Fractal plastic. The 2024 Signature Series explores the Evolution of Flight using a postage stamp motif, and Aidan chose an adaptable Ambopteryx to represent the Prehistoric Era of Flight for his custom artwork. Support Aidan by picking yours up today.

Prodigy discusses their plastic HERE:


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