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TACTIC 2020 Eagle McMahon Vapor 176 #138


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This is a Brand New Discmania Eagle McMahon Signature Series Razor Claw 2 Vapor TACTIC Putt and Approach Golf Disc 176 grams in unthrown condition. The disc in the picture is the disc.

Disc-Orange/Red — Stamp-Green



Speed 4, Glide 2, Turn 0, Fade 4

DISCMANIA SAYS: You first saw it as part of the 2019 Mystery Box, but the wait for the full release is coming to a close. The Eagle McMahon signature Razor Claw Vapor Tactic is ready to fly. McMahon’s first signature disc in our Evolution line is one that has quickly made his bag. The overstable approach putter is exactly what people have been wanting to see from Discmania for quite some time. The Razor Claw takes that to the next level with the great Vapor plastic blend that performs as great as it looks.


The Razor Claw Tactic is designed to be an overstable approach disc. It’s not quite a midrange, but also more than a putter. It is a great throwing putter that can handle anything thrown at it. With great high speed stability, predictable fade, and low glide make this one of the most accurate discs in disc golf. If you want to throw it backhand or forehand, the Razor Claw Tactic can handle it. You can really put some power behind it or use it with a little finesse. You can really trust it at high speeds and know it will fade out just as you want.

When facing those tough approach shots where you really need it to stick close to the basket, the Razor Claw Tactic is the ticket. The Vapor plastic is a very durable and grippy blend with a great swirl appearance. Each disc is unique as they can be.

Discmania discusses their plastic HERE:

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