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CRAVE Special Edition 2024 Eclipse 174 #025


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This is a Brand New Axiom Glow Eclipse CRAVE Disc Golf Fairway Driver 174 grams in unthrown condition. You get the disc in the picture.

Disc-Glowie White / Purple/Blue Rim — Stamp-Silver/Green/Black

Flight Numbers: Speed 6.5, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 1

MVP/Axiom says: The Crave provides controllable straight flights with a great feel and loads of dual-color style. Relative to MVP drivers, the Crave is like a seasoned Servo. The popular “worn workhorse-stable” vibe is achieved with subtle wing contours that also feel great in the hand. The stability, range of weights, and easy throw make the Crave a GYRO® rig staple.


“There is definitely something strange in this neighborhood…”

Green C Studio is back with a fresh Special Edition stamp for the release of the Eclipse Crave in MVP’s industry-leading Eclipse plastic! Originally released in 2019, this release brings the Crave into the modern age of glow technology with our incredibly bright and longer-lasting Eclipse plastic. Track down those nighttime birdies with the insatiable hunger of a radioactive monster, and celebrate the momentous return of Axiom’s Eclipse Crave with this Special Edition!

MVP/Axiom discusses their plastic HERE:

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